Dudu Arnalot

French / Spanish / Catalan



Eduard Arnalot, Dudu, becomes a natural clowns since he was a child. So later on, to shape its inventiveness, is formed with professional clown and mime with Eric de Bont, John Davidson, Moshe Cohen, Johnny Melvin and David Gol, among others.

Since 1995, he works as a clown and actor in various theater companies assemblies, clown and circus (Cous Cous Clown, Disciples of Morales, La Fura dels Baus, S’arruga, Essència of Nit, Unicornis, …)

On 2005 opens his first stand-alone project,”Dudadas”, a theater performance with clownish gestures, which toured in theaters of Spain and abroad.
That same year founds the gipsie band “Le trup” playing the bass until he joined the traditional french music band “EL trio del mercat”, his current training.
Since 2007 Dudu shares his knowledge and experience through courses and workshops of clown and mime in civic and social centers, schools and college (UAB).
He has collaborated with organizations such as Payasos sin Fronteras (Clowns without borders) or Pallassos en Rebeldía in various charitable projects locally and internationally (Nicaragua, Palestine, …).

Nin runs as street show in street and squares of Spain and Europe since 2009.
In 2010 he premiered his latest production, Calma, and indoor show, and tour for two years. In 2011 he is called to be part of Cirque du Soleil in their show “Alegria” as the Purple Clown and for two seasons perform around Europe.

In 2013 Dudu comes back with his outdorr show “El Niu”